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Commercial Manufacturers

History Tethered car and hydroplane engines, an overview. Commercial  4 stroke engines.  The early workhorses
W J 'Belvedere' Smith  Internal Combustion Pioneer Rowell in search of engines/ engine test
Gerald Smith  'The man and his engines' from John Scott-Scott Speedwell 10cc RRV racing engine
Hawk 5cc  Ten-Sixty-Six Products Nordec the 'other'  British 10cc racing motor
Oliver Diesel domination Aviominima  Atomatic 5cc and tethered cars

Enthusiasts and General Engineering

Four-strokes Enthusiasts take them to a new level  Kings Lynn Remarkable motors  by Duffield, Stalham and Chapman 
Two Stroke take over Jim Bamford   Flash steam and IC engines
Clement-Jones  15cc tethered hydroplane motor  '30cc Hydroplane engine development' by Lionel Lawley
Mark Mansell  Building a 10cc racing motor Harry Rae and the Craftsman Twin
Resources  Where to find out more

Pit Box: Engines rediscovered

Alan Knight  Black Panther and other engines Archive pages:  1   2   3  4  5  6  7   8   9  10