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Seasons bridle colour for 2016 is Blue and Brown.

Jan   July  
16-18 M E Exhibition Alexandra Palace. Hydroplane Club stand 2-3 Althorne Lake 'Grand' Two Day Changed
March   10  Kingsbury Water Park
20 Section Lunch. The Lodge, Rettendon 31 Althorne Lake Now one day
April   August  
3 *Althorne Lake Essex 1-7 European Championships Pazardzhik Confirmed
17 Althorne Lake Essex 7 Kingsbury Water Park, Tamworth 
24 VMSC Victoria Park 14 Althorne Lake
May   27/29 St. Albans St Albans International
1 Althorne Lake, Essex Sept  
15 Althorne Lake 11 Kingsbury Water Park
22 VMSC Victoria Park 18 VMSC Victoria Park
June   24/25 Althorne 2 day event
5 Althorne Lake, Essex. October  
12 Kingsbury Water Park 9 Althorne Lake, Essex
19 Althorne Lake 23 Conference, MHC AGM. Holiday Inn, Elstow.

*With regards to the Althorne venue, the strength and direction of the wind plays a big part in whether we are able to hold the regatta. Please check before setting out.
Norman Lara, Tel mobile 07956 423410  

What, Who and Where  

What is tethered hydroplane racing

Modern tethered hydroplane racing offers competitors a variety of classes and options with which to pit their skills against the clock. The tethered hydroplane is a purpose built model, designed expressly for high speed on water using either an immersed propeller or airscrew. Boats are connected via a pair of wire bridles and a line of set length to a rotating pylon. This will give a circular lap of known length, usually 100 yards or 100 metres. There is no steering or any other means of control. The boat, be it a flash steamer, novice or vintage, powered by a large capacity home-built engine, a high performance commercial two-stroke, or even an electric motor is connected to the line and the engine started. When satisfied that the engine is producing maximum power, the competitor launches the boat off on its run, aided by a rubber bungee. The timed laps are signalled by the competitor when happy that the boat is at its fastest. The elapsed time for the required number of laps is translated into speed and the head scratching starts over adjustments needed to achieve an even faster run next time. This is the quest that has continued to challenge participants in this fascinating sport of tethered hydroplane racing for over 100 years.



Call the run

Recording the speed

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Building and developing 'A' Class engines
Lionel Lawley


Althorne Lake
Private lake situated to the south side of the B1010 in Althorne village, 1/2 mile past Station Rd
 gps 51.652018,0.768957
Kingsbury Water Park
Country Park off Bodymoor Heath Road Tamworth. Car Park charges apply
gps 52.561078,-1.700027 SatNav B76 0DY
Victoria Park
East London
Public Park. Limited parking at St Marks Gate off Cadogan Terrace, walk to lakeside.
gps 51.539596,-0.027981 SatNav E9 5EG
St Albans
Verulamium Park. Park in Roman Museum car park off A401, charges apply. Walk to lakeside
gps 51.752181,-0.35491 SatNav AL3 4SW

MPBA affiliated clubs with active hydroplane members

Model Hydroplane Club




Formed in the 1970s to promote the building and racing of tethered hydroplanes countrywide.
Contact: Sonia Collins. 020 8590 4318
email: modelhydroclub@btinternet.com
Retro Racing Club


The Retro Club was set up in 1996, primarily to cater for the vintage interest and incorporated the Rushden Club. Members running all classes of hydros.
Contact: Peter Hill. Ivy House. Main road. Great Carlton. Louth LN11 8JU
email arty.pole@gmail.com


Small group formed in the 1980s, solely to run tethered hydroplanes nationally and internationally, primarily NAVIGA classes.
Contact: Stuart Robinson 13 Church Road. Stevington. Bedford. MK43 7QB



North East


The club celebrates its centenary in 2010 and while not being able to run hydroplanes at their lake currently, still has a number of enthusiasts of long standing who compete regularly.
Contact:  heatonmodelboats@aol.com
South Shields

North East

Home club of Bob Kirtley, one of the world's leading exponents of high speed flash steam tethered hydroplanes and the current outright record holder.
Contact: Robert Kirtley 2, Datchet Road, Whitley Bay NE25 9UR


Formed in 1975 to take advantage of the newly opened water park. Members from other local clubs starting running hydroplanes in 1990.  High profile members, include Arthur Wall and John DeMott.
Contact: John DeMott, Rowden Cottage, Fenny Drayton CV13 6BP


Welwyn hosted the last world championships to be held in this country, but have since lost their lake for hydroplanes. Home Club of John Hyder, current 'A' Class record holder
Contact: Philip Radford, 21 Home Close, Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts SG5 4DJ
St Albans


St Albans MES has a long history of involvement with tethered hydroplanes and their lake hosts the two day International Regatta each August.
Contact: Roger Lane 27, Marten Gate, St Albans, Herts AL4 9NB


London E


Founded in 1904, The Victoria model Steamboat Club is one of the oldest in the country. A wealth of tethered hydroplane experience exists amongst the members, including current outright hydroplane record holder, Norman Lara.
Contact: Keith Reynolds email: VMSCvictoriapark@talktalk.net


London SE


This year sees the club entering its 82nd year with straight running and tethered hydroplanes remaining its primary interests. Current Chairman is Jim Free who holds no less than 4 tethered hydroplane records in two airscrew classes and two waterscrew classes.
Contact: Phil Abbott email: Blackheath-mpbc@hotmail.co.uk


One of the primary venues for many years, run by a core group of highly enthusiastic engine builders and competitors, now sadly without a local water.
Contact: Mike Rose. New address to be confirmed
 B1 and B1 Sport Airscrews Three A Class flash steamers Two 30cc A Class IC boats

Club contacts and web addresses correct as at 1/02/2014