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Pitbox 2020

Ifit 9: After many years of competing with A Class flash steam boats, Arthur Cockman moved to the smaller classes, firstly with the C Class Ifit 8 around 1951, which necessitated an entirely new and significantly lighter motor and steam generator. This was not very successful so the B Class Ifit 9 was conceived, using the same motor but with a new, three burner, boiler. After various teething troubles and changes in pumping arrangements it developed an impressive turn of speed, winning the Crebbin Trophy in 1962. When Arthur retired from running tethered hydros, the complex cruciform pump assembly was used for his straight runner 'Guinivere'. Following his death, Ifit 9 featured in the tethered hydroplane collection at the Pitsea Museum until removed and sold at auction in 2005. Despite every attempt, it had vanished until it appeared on ebay late in 2019. Happily, it has found a new home with an enthusiast who is currently renovating the boat and having a new set of pumps copied from the originals that have been kindly loaned to him. The engine has already been run on compressed air and Flash Steam exponent Bob Kirtley is taking a keen interest. Thanks to Kevin Ridley for photos and details. Feb 2020


Another 'Fausch' car: This is the second of Georg Fausch's cars from the period when extending the wheelbase was in vogue. The chassis of this car is significantly older than the one featured previously as it originally had the front wheels outside the pan. In its converted form and with a Supertigre X15 for power it was very successful, winning Class 2 at the 1987 European Championships in Lyon at a speed of 266.469kph, the fastest to that date. With its all enclosing body it is not the prettiest of cars, but highly effective.
                                                                                       Thanks to Christoph Zaugg for this item. Jan 2020