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An Unexpected Bonus

Many moons ago an advert appeared in the long gone Aviation Modeller for a collection of engines that was for sale up in the North East of England. It transpired that the person selling these was an ex tethered car racer who had made the trip from Sunderland down to Kent on a motor bike in the early 50s to buy a Dooling Arrow from Bennet's. The Arrow had been sold decades ago when his impending marriage had required the liquidation of model assets. The list of engines was extensive, but amongst them were examples of these 30cc marine engines that had been built from scratch.

There were more apparently, all named after Vincent motor cycles and appropriately painted black. Black Knight found its way into Miquel deRancougnes collection and was sold in 2004 for just £300 in a mixed lot with others motors. Black Prince was bought by a boat enthusiast and with it came the original patterns and a part finished engine. The name of the original builder is not known unfortunately and there may be a Black Lightning and a Black Shadow out there somewhere?
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